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Phi Gamma Delta has offered me the opportunity to supplement my education with leadership experience, meet like-minded high-calibre individuals, and explore my interests. As an institution of nearly 170 years, it has been designed to do this for young men across North America. Many clubs and student groups have intramural teams and we are all united by our focus on scholarship (which we do and are too), but Phi Gamma Delta is an international organization focused on our development as leaders, scholars, and men. The mentoring of professional Graduate Brothers, the international leadership development opportunities, and the lifelong friendships the fraternity are unique and rewarding opportunities not found elsewhere.
I joined the fraternity in my first semester at the University. I have had the privilege of serving as a chairman, an officer on Cabinet, attending the Fraternity’s yearly Academy, and now as serving as President. I have been a firsthand witness to the personal, professional, and scholarship opportunities of the Fraternity. Born and raised in Edmonton, Phi Gamma Delta has been as instrumental in my development as the university education that brought me to campus. I hope that you explore this unique opportunity as a complement to your time at university. I look forward to meeting you and, one day, calling you brother.

Jared Althouse (Alberta ’18)
Chapter President


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